Plastic Injection Molding


We work exclusively with computer-controlled injection molding machines with clamping forces ranging from 50 to 200 tonnes. They are capable of processing all commercial plastics for parts production with mold weights from 1 to 400 grams. As everything goes hand in hand, comprehensive moldmaking know-how, perfect process technology and efficient quality management combine to form an overall system that guarantees high-precision and high-quality parts as a result. 

Our extensive expertise in injection molding includes special fields, such as multicomponent technology 

With our all new ARBURG machines we produce both highly demanding technical and design thermoplastic parts, weighing from1 grams to 400 g for both the system suppliers for the automotive industry and for the electronics industry and others. 

Multi-component injection moulding is the perfect production process for plastic parts which have to satisfy entirely different requirements. A typical example are hard-soft connections in housings which must be impact resistant and sturdy on the one hand, and tight on the other. The ideal raw materials selected for the different purposes are joined in one operation. Multi-component moulding makes plastic products ever more versatile and practical. 

Whenever two or more plastic components are needed for a part, the connection of the different materials and the combination of the colors have to be well designed. Our multi color and multi component molds guarantee the required quality. 

Our ARBURG multi-component injection moulding machine is equipped with  rotary tables. 

Injection Machines        Qty

ARBURG 420C Multi      1

ARBURG 320 C             2

ARBURG 420 C             3

ARBURG 470 C             1

ARBURG 570 C             1                                                                                       

MultiComponent Injection Machine